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AZGFD asks hunters to report large mortality events of waterfowl

Posted October 6, 2022

Agency offers safety guidelines for handling harvested waterfowl


PHOENIX — With the waterfowl hunting seasons beginning in the Mountain Zone (Oct. 7 to Jan. 15) and Desert Zone (Oct. 23 to Jan. 31) regions of Arizona, the Arizona Game and Fish Department is offering tips on what hunters and falconers can do to help prevent the spread of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) and keep themselves safe.

HPAI (also known as “bird flu”) continues to be detected around the country and there have been recent detections in domestic and wild birds in Arizona. The disease is carried by dabbling duck species which only occasionally show signs of illness. Canada geese, eagles, and raptors appear to be the most susceptible to the virus, and infection in these species will often result in their death. Infected birds may behave abnormally (swim in circles, stumbling or unable to fly). Domestic poultry are also susceptible to infection and will exhibit the same signs.

Safety guidelines for hunters

Help prevent the spread of HPAI

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