Top 5 reasons to fish in Arizona right now

1. Apache trout are back! These beauties are being stocked into the East Fork and West Fork of the Black River and the West Fork of the Little Colorado River near Greer. Get out and try your luck in catching one of Arizona’s native trout.

2. A world record Gila trout was pulled out of Goldwater Lake. Who will land the next lunker?

3. Prescott Valley boasts new community fishing waters, and they are gorged with catfish. Check out Fain Lake and Yavapai Lakes for a chance to fight Mr. Whiskers.

4. Tiger trout are lurking in Woods Canyon, Becker, Carnero, Willow, Kinnikinick and Marshall lakes and J.D. Dam. Go tussle with a tiger. Rawr.

5. Fish habitat at Roosevelt received recent remodels. Happy fish + happy homes = happy anglers.


Top 5 reasons to hunt in Arizona right now

1. Dove are coming Sept. 1. Nuff said. Remember to purchase that Arizona migratory bird stamp for only $5.

2. Create memories. Take the kids small game hunting (a combo license for youth ages 10-17 costs only $5). Even if no animal is harvested, the memories made will make a lasting impression.

3. New this year: compete in a small game challenge. Challenges launch Sept. 1. Check back for more info.

4. Hunting small game is great practice for hunting big game. Those fall hunts are right around the corner…

5. If you haven’t enjoyed cottontail stew or squirrel enchiladas, you are missing out. Arizona has a liberal squirrel season and a year-long rabbit season. Give it a shot.



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