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Community Fishing Bulletin: April 20, 2017

Posted April 20, 2017

Some big largemouth bass have been stocked into Community Fishing Program waters,.

Catfish and sunfish stocking planned for expansion waters next week

We’ve already done an early bonus stocking of catfish on March 30, so the first regularly scheduled catfish stocking is planned for next week, and we’re combining that with bluegill. Bonsall has already received two stockings of catfish, so next week it will receive only bluegill. So with the exception of Stone Dam that will be stocked this week, expansion waters to be stocked with catfish next week include:

Golden algae hits Cortez Lake — twice

There’s bad luck — and then there’s really bad luck. Unfortunately, Cortez Lake suffered really bad luck by getting hit back-to-back with Golden Algae blooms. After the first confirmed fish kill in March, the lake was treated with an algaecide and restocked. Unfortunately the lake needed a refill from the adjacent SRP canal (which happened to be positive for Golden Algae). The result was another fish kill. The City of Phoenix asked the Department to refrain from stocking until they are confident that the algae is under control. Unfortunately the sample taken last week was still positive, so no stocking is planned for this week. This is yet another example of how Golden Algae can strike anywhere, anytime.

Largemouth bass and sunfish stocked into core waters

You’ve probably heard by now that we did a stocking last week of bass and bluegill into all core waters (except Cortez). The fish looked beautiful and will hopefully contribute to the naturally reproducing bass and bluegill in most CFP waters. Don’t forget that in addition to a bag limit there is also a minimum length of 13 inches or greater on bass. All bass under the length limit must be immediately released unharmed. Please do your part to maintain viable bass populations in the CFP waters.