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Community Fishing Bulletin: Jan. 24, 2018

Posted January 24, 2018

Red Mountain and Payson Stocked Off-cycle Last Week

You may have noticed that our trucks haven’t yet hit Green Valley Lakes (Payson) and Red Mountain Lake (Mesa) this week. That’s because our vendor had to adjust his schedule to meet some other commitments here in the Phoenix area. The result was that Red Mountain and Payson were stocked early (Wednesday, Jan. 17). We’ll resume normal stocking again in 2 weeks.

Alvord and Tempe Town lakes have active fish kills due
No stocking in Alvord until further notice

Bad news again for Alvord Lake: Another active bloom of golden algae is causing fish to die, and Tempe Town Lake has experienced a partial kill of threadfin shad and some bass. The City of Phoenix is working with its lake consultant to address these expensive algae treatments, so that means NO STOCKING IN ALVORD LAKE until further notice. Fish stockings can resume once treatments have been completed and follow up testing shows golden algae is no longer present.

Public can help with data collection for AZGFD cormorant study

In early 2017, AZGFD began a study of the state’s two species of cormorants: neotropic and double-crested cormorants, both of which are federally protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. Under those protections, cormorant populations have flourished nationwide, competing with other wildlife for a bounty of local fish at Community fishing waters and privately stocked residential lakes.

As part of that research, in late summer, AZGFD placed numbered, colored tags on the wings of birds near the Ocotillo and Sun Lakes communities in south Phoenix. More birds will be safely trapped, tagged and released across the metro area and in other areas of the state in the future. The public can help with the data collection by noting and reporting as much as possible of the following:

Once collected, information can be entered at on any computer or mobile device or by leaving a message with details at 623-236-7301.