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Community Fishing Bulletin: Nov. 30, 2017

Posted November 30, 2017

Trout stocking delayed for some CFP waters until next week

We’re smack in the middle of flu season, and our talented vendor from Silver Springs Trout Farm recently has been “under the weather.” As a result, the scheduled stocking for this week will be postponed until early next week so he can recover enough to get the fish loaded and transported safely to Arizona. The waters impacted by this change are:

Golden algae continues to persist

Golden algae (GA) arrived early during the winter season at several Community fishing waters. Fish die-offs have been confirmed at Veterans Oasis Lake and Alvord Lake (Cesar Chavez Park).  GA is still abundant in Cortez Lake but as of Nov. 30 had not actively been killing fish. The algae is present in many of the Community fishing waters, and under certain conditions it can produce a toxin called Prymnesin that blocks the ability for fish (and other gill-breathing organisms) to use available oxygen in the water.
This week’s trout stocking will be modified as follows due to confirmed golden algae:

The effected lakes will be treated with an algaecide and tested again before fish stocking resumes.

Expansion waters to receive trout next week

The second stocking of trout for the winter season will occur in most Phoenix-area Expansion waters next week.  In addition, the unseasonably warm weather has created perfect autumn fishing conditions in the upper elevation waters which will receive a bonus stocking of trout.

Expansion waters shall be stocked as follows next week: