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Community Fishing Bulletin: two waters added, catfish return

Posted September 19, 2017

Two new waters added to CFP during the summer stocking break

Show Low Creek

We’ve added two new waters to the Community Fishing Program: Show Low Creek in Show Low and Greenfield Park Pond in Mesa.

Show Low Creek is the first stream segment that we’ve added to the program. Trout will be the primary species with monthly stockings planned for September, October, November, March, and April. We plan to stock catfish and sunfish at least once during the year. The creek is located in the meadow portion of the creek, starting at roughly the Hampton Inn and going downstream to just below the Pine Bluff Trail foot bridge.

A Grand Opening event is scheduled for Monday, Oct. 2, more details to come. For Greenfield Pond, we plan to focus on building a quality bass fishing lake. We plan to stock at least once per year with bass (at higher than normal rates), and just occasional stockings of catfish. Trout would be stocked during winter months along with other CFP “expansion” waters.

Several other new CFP waters are planned for the metro area over the next 2-4 years including: Queen Creek (the new West Park), Avondale (Festival Fields Park), Glendale (Heroes Park), Peoria (the new North Community Park), and Gilbert (two new locations). In addition, we expect to see new waters added in several rural communities including Thatcher, Mammoth, Kingman, Holbrook, and hopefully many more.


Catfish return to CFP waters to finish out the summer season

Catfish return to core CFP waters this week, one of four scheduled stockings between now and the first week of November. Rainbow trout return to Green Valley Lakes in Payson the week of Oct. 16-21, and normal CFP trout stockings begin at the rest of CFP waters during the week of Nov. 13-18. Evening temperatures are starting to drop, which means it’s time to hit the Community waters again.


No stockings in Rio Vista Pond or Steele Indian School Pond this week

Due to ongoing renovation at Rio Vista Park and a major upcoming event at Steele Indian School Park, we will not be stocking those waters with catfish this week per request of the cities. Stocking is scheduled to resume at Rio Vista Pond in November and in late October at Steele Indian School Pond. Extra catfish are being stocked at nearby waters until regular stockings resume at these parks.