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Do your part, stay smart about desert tortoises

Posted June 15, 2020


Monsoon Awareness Week is June 14-19


PHOENIX — Much-needed rain brings out desert wildlife in Arizona. Animals may wander in search of mates, moisture and, if necessary, to escape flooding.

Desert tortoises are one of several amazing species that can be encountered during Arizona’s monsoon. The Arizona Game and Fish Department (AZGFD) urges the public to follow these important guidelines when coming across a desert tortoise: 

There are two species of desert tortoise in Arizona — the threatened Mojave desert tortoise, found north and west of the Colorado River;  and the Sonoran desert tortoise, which is protected by AZGFD.

Tortoise conservation in Arizona is supported by the Heritage Fund, a voter-passed initiative that began in 1990 to further wildlife conservation efforts in the state through Arizona Lottery ticket sales.   

For additional monsoon safety information, visit the Arizona Emergency Information Network.