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  1. Chukar

    Chukars are not native to Arizona but the middle east, with those birds found in Arizona most likely originating in India.

  2. Tree Squirrel

    No fewer than four species and eight subspecies of tree squirrels can be found in Arizona’s forests. Of these, the Abert’s, a tassel-eared squirrel, is the most widespread.

  3. Sandhill crane

    Cranes leave roosting areas in early morning, usually about sunrise, to fly to feeding areas, where they spend three to four hours.

  4. Quail

    Quail hunters in Arizona spend the majority of their time pursuing three species of quail, Gambel’s, scaled or Mearns’.

  5. Pheasant

    Pheasant populations persisting in Arizona are largely confined to agricultural areas having a relatively high humidity.

  6. Dove

    Mourning dove, white-winged dove and collared dove are game birds occurring in Arizona.


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