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This live feed is brought to you through a partnership between Mesa Community College at Red Mountain and the Arizona Game and Fish Department. This cam provides viewers with a unique glimpse into the water with these incredible native fish.

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SPECIES: Desert Pupfish (Cyprinodon macularis)

SEASON: Year-round


REGION: Central Arizona

what to expect on the cam

This stream shows a unique glimpse under water with these native Arizona fish. When you watch the cam look for very small fish, those who are more blue are breeding males. You can often see them feeding on algae and plant material throughout the pond. These ponds are a cooperative effort with conservation minded institutions, the Arizona Game and Fish Department and US Fish and Wildlife Service.

This camera is located in the cienega habitat at the Red Mountain Campus of Mesa Community College, an important partner in conserving this endangered fish and other wildlife species. This pond is part of an effort to establish literal gene pools for present and future conservation efforts. These refugia are used as source populations for reintroducing endangered fish back to historic habitats for future generations to thrive.

how the cam is funded

Our Arizona Desert Pupfish cam is a collaborative effort between Mesa Community College Red Mountain Campus,the Wildlife Viewing Program at Arizona Game and Fish Department, and public donations. 

If you enjoy this stream, help support it and other wildlife viewing program activities by making a donation.

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