Feb. 2, 2024

PHOENIX — Arizona hunters have only a few more days to get out in the field and pursue the state’s three main species of quail  — Gambel’s, scaled and Mearns’. 

The season ends Sunday, Feb. 11. The general bag limit is 15 quail per day in the aggregate, of which no more than eight may be Mearns’ quail. The general possession limit is 45 quail in the aggregate, of which no more than 15 Gambel’s, scaled, Mearns’ or California quail in the aggregate may be taken in any one day. The 45-quail possession limit may include 24 Mearns’ quail, of which no more than eight may be taken in any one day. 

In addition, hunters can harvest chukar through Feb. 11, and jackrabbits and cottontail rabbits through June 30.   

As a reminder, all hunters 10 and older must possess a valid Arizona hunting or combination hunt and fish license. Licenses can be purchased online at, or from any license dealer.  

All hunters play an important role in conservation. Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration  (WSFR) program funds are excise taxes collected on the sale of hunting and fishing equipment (including 11 percent on ammunition), the benefit of which comes back to Arizona for habitat improvements, shooting ranges, boating access and more.

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