So You Want to Fish?

Of course, you do! Fishing is fun, exciting, relaxing, peaceful, outside in nature, and can be enjoyed by all. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned angler new to the area, we’ve got you covered. We have a range of events, activities and essential information to kickstart your fishing journey. Thanks to Arizona’s extreme diversity of landscapes, waterways and extensive public lands, there are extensive opportunities and destinations to go fishing, from a local pond a bike ride away to a remote mountain stream. Get started on your fishing education and learn how to fish confidently with FishAZ.

FishAZ Network: Fishing Events, Activities and Information

fishaz network: public events

A centralized calendar listing of events and activities from all over the state. We’ve collected the many events in Arizona hosted by Game and Fish and their many partners. Learn more about fishing and aquatic conservation.

What AZGFD and our partners have to offer

Thanks to an extensive group of partners along with the Arizona Game and Fish Department, the FishAZ Network is a statewide program of fishing events and activities just for you. Our fishing events and activities are conducted in a safe environment by seasoned and passionate fishermen and women. These events are designed to teach fishing skills, aquatic conservation and the fun of fishing to the public and offer instructional and experiential, hands-on activities for all skill levels and interests.

From large public fishing clinics in a local community to stream fishing, social meet ups and advanced fishing techniques. We offer many different types of events and activities throughout the state. Many provide guidance on where and when to fish; selecting tackle and bait; casting and rigging techniques; fishing safety and ethics; care of your catch; and much more.

Current list of events

Video playlist 1: 10 videos on learning how to fish.
Video playlist 2: 14 videos on fishing tips.

Fishing equipment loaner program

For those that are looking to do a group activity, event or training the Department has loaner fishing equipment available. Equipment can be available at the Department’s Phoenix headquarters office and six regional offices.

Equipment is limited must be reserved to obtain and is on a first-come, first-served basis. *Note: use of Department equipment does NOT waive license requirements, bag limits, or any other regulatory requirements.

Use of the Department’s loaner equipment requires the participants to provide registration information through the FishAZ Network Registration Calendar. Federal aid reporting and maintaining the free program

Reservations must be made 4 weeks in advance. 

Equipment Available

Rods & reels kits (25 per kit), tackle box, bait coolers, event pop-up tents, tables, backyard bass casting box kit lawn activity (10 rods, 30 plastic fish, fish ID, and info).

Also available: AZGFD FishAZ/ RBFF Take Me Fishing – Mobile First Catch Center trailer (requires insurance, trailer towing training certification).

Up to 50 rods and reels with tackle, are available to groups to borrow for up to one week and is based on a first-come, first-serve availability system.  Reservations must be made 3 weeks in advance. 


All things fish: Overview

If you’re not attending an event but you’re ready to go fishing now, because, it’s always a great day to go fishing, check out the main fishing webpage where you will find more resources and information to get you on your way, including:

Where to Fish In Arizona
Community Fishing
Stocking Schedules
Water Levels
Fisheries & Hatcheries
Fish Species
Fishing Challenges Aquatic Invasive Species


The Department and the FishAZ Network are looking for qualified individuals who want to volunteer with the Fishing events, activities and programs. You don’t have to be an expert fisherman to help others learn basic fishing skills and it’s easy to learn and get involved. Many of our events just need folks to help set up, check folks in, provide handouts and information, loan out equipment, as well as give demonstration, instructions and help folks fish. There’s always something you can do. Volunteering is fun and rewarding.

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