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  1. Planning for Wildlife: Identifying Corridors

    Wildlife Connectivity Assessment Pima County Wildlife Connectivity Assessment: Report on Stakeholder Input Pima County Wildlife Connectivity Assessment: Detailed Linkages (Coyote-Ironwood-Tucson Linkage Design) Pima County Wildlife Connectivity Assessment: Detailed Linkages (Kitt…

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  2. Apache Trout Recovery

    …prey upon young native trout. Rainbow and cutthroat trout are also genetically similar and cross-breed with Apache trout, compromising the genetic purity of each species. Barrier to prevent non-native trout

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  3. AZGFD Trout Challenge

    …five species of wild trout in Arizona. These species include Apache, Brown, Brook, Gila and Rainbow trout. *Anglers who completed the wild trout challenge without a Gila Trout while the…

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  4. Podcasts – Wild About Arizona

    …the wild, and what species call Arizona home. On this episode of Wild About Arizona, we discuss the watchable wildlife program with Jeff Meyers, the watchable wildlife manager at the…

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  5. AZGFD Video

    …Department’s official photographer capturing wildlife with a camera. Liberty Wildlife – See how Liberty Wildlife nurtures the nature of Arizona through wildlife rehabilitation, natural history education and conservation services to…

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  6. proposeD Apache trout DELISTING is a CONSeRVATION milestone

    …Threatened Species is a huge win for fish and wildlife conservation. If delisted, it would be the first native trout species and gamefish to be removed from the list due…

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