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Examples of what our podcasts are about include: wildlife watching, bald eagles, rattlesnakes, how we “send water” to our wildlife around the state, and much more.

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It is springtime in Arizona and it’s great to go out and experience the outdoors as the days warm up, well, snakes, lizards and other reptiles are getting out in the warm temperatures as well!

Host Michael Colaianni talks with Tom Jones, our Amphibians and Reptiles Program Manager about rattlesnakes and other critters you might encounter out on the trails.

The Arizona Game and Fish Department Outdoor Expo is the largest event that the department puts on each spring on the grounds of the Ben Avery Shooting Facility.

The event gave host Michael Colaianni a chance to talk with Officer Micah White about off-roading and OHV riding safety, but first he talks about tortoises and our Desert Tortoise Adoption Program with Tegan Wolf.

All animals move across the landscape to varying extents in order to acquire the resources necessary for survival: food, water, protective cover, and mates and can roam over vast expanses that can encompass thousands of acres.  Barriers such as roads, urban areas, and railroads can affect each of these movement patterns and may pose a threat to the long-term persistence of wildlife populations

Maintaining a natural network of connected landscapes also benefits our human population, perhaps most obviously through increased public safety. Creating wildlife-friendly over- and underpasses can greatly reduce the likelihood of collisions.

On this episode, we get an update from Jeff Gagnon on new projects in the works with AZGFD and partner organizations.

They’re Back!
Host Ben Avechuco welcomes Jeff Meyers and Cheyenne Towne back to the program.

Find out about wildlife viewing events you can enjoy all year long.

Starting with winter, we step through the seasons and talk about the wildlife you can see in Arizona throughout 2024.

Host Andy Clark talk trout and so much more with Chase Newlon, the fishing recruitment, retention, and reactivation (R3) coordinator at the Arizona Game and Fish Department and Alec Young, the R3 coordinator Arizona game and Fish and Trout Unlimited. This podcast features a fall fishing forecast for 2023!

Visit our fishing page:

The Sonoran desert is home to hundreds of species of butterflies and boasts some of the best butterfly watching in the country along with fascinating migration patterns that create a butterfly highway through the state.
On this episode of Wild About Arizona we sit down and spread our wings with Cheri Boucher of the Arizona Game and Fish Department to learn about the importance of the Monarch Butterfly and how special it is.

The largest hands-on outdoor expo in Arizona is set for March 25-26, at the Ben Avery Shooting Facility in Phoenix. March 25-26, Saturday 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Sunday 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Admission and parking are free!

On this episode of Wild About Arizona we sit down with Scott Lavin from the Arizona Game and Fish Department to talk about everything from wildlife exhibits and family fishing tanks and trying out firearms in a safe, controlled environment on the range at the expo. More info

Taluissnails, Mountainsnails, Woodlandsnails and Ambersnails are just a few of the over 200 native species of mollusks found across Arizona.
On this episode, Jeff Sorensen, the Invertebrate Wildlife Program Manager for the Arizona Game and Fish Department helps us get to know more about our slimy neighbors.

In Arizona there’s a new and modern way to tag your animal when hunting, all done from your smartphone.
On this episode of Wild About Arizona we sit down with Luke Thompson, Habitat, Evaluation and Lands Branch Chief to talk about electronic tagging and the new Arizona e-tag mobile app. Find out more

On this episode of Wild About Arizona we sit down with Arizona Game and Fish Department Raptor Management Coordinator, Tuk Jacobson to discuss bald eagles and where you could catch a glimpse of one.

The bald eagle in Arizona has experienced significant population increases since the species was listed under the Endangered Species Act in 1978, when only 11 breeding pairs had been identified within the state. Today there are more than 90 known breeding territories in Arizona.

Arizona provides some of the best wildlife viewing opportunities in the nation, with more than 800 animal species and 50 million public acres of natural land to explore. But what if you’re not sure where to go or what to look for? On this episode of Wild About Arizona, Jeff Meyers and Cheyenne Dubiach of our wildlife viewing program sit down to give us some advice, knowledge and talk about various wildlife viewing opportunities you can take part in.

From bat nettings to fishing demonstrations and wildlife viewing opportunities the Arizona Game and Fish Department annually hosts a number of events that benefit wildlife enthusiasts in Arizona.

We welcome back Eric Proctor to discuss events throughout the year and how you can get involved.

In 1976, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service listed the Mexican wolf as an endangered species. The Arizona Game and Fish Department has been actively involved in reintroducing Mexican wolves to portions of their historical range since before the first release of wolves in 1998. On this episode of Wild About Arizona we welcome Jim Heffelfinger, Arizona Game and Fish Wildlife Science Coordinator and Jim deVos our Mexican Wolf Coordinator to discuss ongoing management and recovery activities along with challenges and successes of Mexican Wolf recovery efforts.

Out with their second edition, Authors Andrew Holycross, Thomas Brennan and Randall Babb have published “A Field Guide to Amphibians and Reptiles in Arizona,” we discuss this informative book with two of the three authors and learn what it took to create this field guide and how it can benefit the average to the experienced in the field.

Arizona is full of diverse fishing opportunities, from the large reservoirs to the trout lakes in the mountains, low-elevation fishing holes and five major rivers. We welcome Andy Clark, Statewide Sportfish Program Manager to discuss all the ways you can fish in Arizona and have fun while doing it.

Experience one of Arizona’s most unique and adventurous careers that enables you to enjoy the great outdoors all while protecting Arizona’s wildlife and helping keep sportsmen and recreationists safe across the state of Arizona.

On this episode we sit down with Lainie Antolik, law enforcement training coordinator to talk about the position of an Arizona Game and Fish Wildlife Manager.

Volunteers play a critical role in the Arizona Game and Fish Department mission to conserve and protect the state’s more than 800 species of wildlife. Annually volunteers donate over 100,000 hours to support Arizona’s wildlife and wild places. On this episode Arizona Game and Fish Volunteer Coordinator, Beth Keune joins us to discuss our diverse volunteers and how they support events, projects, programs, shooting ranges and regional offices.

Volunteer at the Arizona Game and Fish Department by
visiting our Volunteer Page, or email:

This will be the 122nd year for the Christmas Bird Count, a winter bird population survey that has been coordinated annually by the National Audubon Society for over a century.

We chat with biologist Chrissy Kondrat about this fun and important event, which is the oldest ongoing citizen-science endeavor.

The data collected will be added to an extensive database that enables monitoring of winter bird populations across North America and helps in assessing the overall health of the environment.

The Heritage Fund: Providing up to $10 million each year from Arizona lottery proceeds to the Arizona Game and Fish Department. The Heritage Fund and AZGFD’s partnership with the Arizona Lottery is an important and successful union helping conserve and protect Arizona wildlife.

We welcome Arizona Lottery Director Gregg Edgar to discuss the 40th anniversary of the Arizona Lottery and their 32nd year of partnership with the Arizona Game and Fish Department to help Conserve and Protect Arizona’s wildlife.

The only true flying mammals and valuable human allies, Arizona is home to 28 species of bats, second only behind Texas. We welcome Arizona Game and Fish bat biologist, Angie McIntire as we discuss common myths and misconceptions to interesting facts you probably never knew and discover the various bats that call Arizona home. Learn more about bats

Ever wondered how wildlife in Arizona safely crosses the road, It’s not just by chance. Thanks to wildlife crossings located throughout the state, both wildlife and motorists in Arizona are kept safe. if you’ve traveled across Arizona you’ve probably driven under, over or even through one and didn’t even know it. Join us as we welcome Jeff Gagnon, AZGFD statewide connectivity biologist on the importance of wildlife crossings in Arizona.

Our newest podcast is called “Send Water!”

With 13 species of rattlesnake, Arizona is home to more species of the reptile than any other state. From common myths and misconceptions to interesting facts you probably never knew, we sit down with Tom Jones, Amphibians and Reptiles Program Manager for the Arizona Game and Fish Department and dive into the world of the Arizona rattlesnake.

Arizona is home to 128 lakes and five major rivers, on this episode of Wild About Arizona we discuss the amazing boating opportunities the Grand Canyon state has to offer. From paddlesports and powerboats to staying safe on the water, we break it all down with Josh Hoffman, Boating Safety Education Coordinator at the Arizona Game and Fish Department.

On this episode of Wild About Arizona we go off road with one the fastest growing outdoor activities, off highway vehicles. Kim Jackson, Boating and OHV Education Program Manager for the Arizona Game and Fish Department, discusses the places to go and things to see all while riding and operating safely.

Today we explore how teachers, parents and students can learn about Arizona wildlife from a virtual or at-home environment. Eric Proctor, Wildlife Education Coordinator with the Arizona Game and Fish Department walks us through our education programs and teaches us a thing or two along the way.

On this episode of Wild About Arizona, we explore the Ben Avery Shooting Facility, one of the largest publicly operated ranges in the country. Founded in 1957, the range sits on 1,650 acres in north Phoenix, directly behind Arizona Game and Fish Department headquarters. It averages more than 120,000 shooters per year. From outdoor archery to rifle/pistol and the clay target shotgun center, range manager Christopher Dean and range master Carl Cowgill take us through it all.

On this episode of Wild About Arizona, we dive into the world of social media at the Arizona Game and Fish Department. A full-time gig for our social media specialist Amy Gleich, we discuss some of the ways we engage with people on our social media platforms and how they can engage with the department, as well as some of the incredible photos and stories we’ve been able to share with people around Arizona and the globe.

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On this episode of Wild About Arizona, we sit down with Stacey Sekscienski, wildlife conservation education center manager at AZGFD, and learn about the department’s desert tortoise adoption program. Nothing at a slow pace here! Learn how to build a burrow for your desert tortoise, how to adopt one, what to do if you encounter one in the wild, and what species call Arizona home.

On this episode of Wild About Arizona, we discuss the watchable wildlife program with Jeff Meyers, the watchable wildlife manager at the Arizona Game and Fish Department.

Arizona is home to more wild species than any other inland state, and viewing that wildlife can be anything from a hobby to a profession. We discuss some of the most-viewed Arizona wildlife, wildlife viewing cameras and some of the best places to catch a glimpse.

Learn more about wildlife viewing in Arizona on the Arizona Game and Fish Department website.

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