Meeting Minutes

Due to file size limitations, only the most recent commission meeting minutes and license revocations are available. For minutes not listed, contact the director’s office at 602 942-3000.

2023 Meeting minutes

May 16, [PDF], workshop
May 12, [audio]
April 14, [audio]
March 23, [audio]
Feb. 17 [audio]
Jan. 20 [audio]

2022 Meeting minutes

Dec. 12 [audio]
Nov. 5 [PDF], workshop
Sept. 9 [audio]
Aug. 5 [audio]
June 10 [audio]
May 13 [audio]
May 11-12 [PDF], workshop
April 15 [audio]
April 1 [audio]
March 4 [audio]
Feb. 11 [audio]
Jan. 21 [audio]

2021 Meeting minutes

Dec. 10 [audio]
Nov. 12-3 [PDF], workshop
Sept. 24 [audio]
Aug 6 [audio]
June 11 [audio]
May 14 [audio]
April 16 [audio]
March 19 [audio]
Feb. 19 [audio]
Jan. 22 [audio]

Archived commission meeting minutes

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