Steps to Take to be Considered for Hire to be a Wildlife Manager

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A Wildlife Manager position with the Arizona Game and Fish Department is a field-oriented, commissioned officer position whose duties include conserving and protecting Arizona’s wildlife resources for generations to come.

Hiring process

The process consists of successful completion/ pass of the following to be considered for hiring:

Out-of-state applicants should plan to spend four or five consecutive days in Phoenix, during the testing process. Applicants are responsible for the cost of all travel, lodging, meals, local transportation and any other related expenses when traveling to Phoenix.

Selection process and testing

Those applicants meeting the minimum qualifications and position criteria may be scheduled for testing and an interview.

Applicants who are successful with the polygraph examination and the interview will be given a verbal conditional job offer. These applicants are expected to attend the additional testing (medical, psychological and physical fitness) that will be pre-scheduled. Applicants not given the conditional job offer will not attend additional testing.

Final selections will be made upon successful completion of the tests and interview. All applicants will be notified once final selections are made.

The polygraph examination is used to verify the truthfulness of the documents completed and submitted by the applicant, as well as the applicant’s verbal statements.

The medical examination is performed by a POST certified physician and consists of two parts – the blood/urine testing and the medical exam. It certifies that the applicant meets the prescribed standards for the job.

The psychological fitness evaluation relates to the applicant’s ability to perform the duties of a Peace Officer. It consists of a written examination and a personal interview with a psychologist.

Physical Fitness
After passing the medical exam, applicants are tested on a 1.5 mile run, 1-minute push-ups and 1-minute sit-ups. The 50th percentile on the Cooper Institute for Aerobics Research Physical Fitness Norms should be met or exceeded. The Arizona Game and Fish Department does not assume responsibility or liability for any injuries that may occur during this process.

Fitness norms to compare your results to. If you are able to function at the 50th percentile upon entering the program, you will lessen the degree of stress, mental and physical, experienced during the academy training program.

Contact us with questions

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Human Resources Staffing Manager
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