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AZGFD cautions boaters, OHV users during monsoon

Posted June 16, 2020


Monsoon Awareness Week is June 14-19 


PHOENIX — Monsoon weather is just around the corner, and the Arizona Game and Fish Department (AZGFD) cautions boaters and off-highway vehicle (OHV) users that weather conditions can quickly change and become dangerous for those who aren’t prepared.

The severity of monsoon storms varies greatly from a minor dust storm to a violent thunderstorm capable of producing hail, deadly lightning and flash flooding.

“Arizona is known for its often unbearable summer heat; it’s also known for great places to get outdoors, whether that’s on an OHV in the high country or one of our many lakes,” said Josh Hoffman, boating safety education coordinator. 

“However, it’s important for people to keep the day’s weather in mind. If severe weather is likely, or storms are starting to pile up around you, it’s a good time to safely get off the water or trails and head indoors.”

Paddlers who enjoy the water on a paddleboard should pay extra close attention to the weather. “Most of the boaters caught in monsoon weather last year were paddlers,” Hoffman said.  

AZGFD offers the following advice to protect operators and passengers during a monsoon: 

When on a boat, personal watercraft or paddleboard 

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When riding an OHV:

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