AZGFD can Provide Financial Resources for Educators

The Arizona Game and Fish Department is pleased to announce a grant designed specifically for Arizona educators. The goal of this program is to provide financial resources (up to $3,000) to Arizona teachers to help implement quality wildlife education in their classrooms.

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Any education professional who is currently operating within the state of Arizona is eligible to apply. This includes government and non-profit employees who are responsible for educating Arizona’s students.

AZGFD will accept applications in July of 2023 until the deadline of Sept 1. Any applications received after that deadline may be eligible for an additional scoring round in January, if money is available.

grant proposals are considered when the applicant:



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Scoring Rubric

The Department provides a number of additional resources for both prospective grant applicants as well as current recipients. To find informational webinars, examples of previous award winners and final report requirements, visit our K-12 grant information page.


Eric Proctor or 623-236-7243

Education through AZGFD

See resources for teachers, including lesson plans. Learn about hunter education, and classes to earn bonus points.

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The goal of the AZGFD education program is to promote awareness, appreciation and stewardship of the state’s wildlife resources by using wildlife as a context for learning.

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hunter education for bonus points

Classroom and online instruction, and field days for hunter education. Online “Ethically Hunting Arizona” class allows hunters to earn a lifetime bonus point.

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