AZGFD Provides Professional Development for Educators

The Arizona Game and Fish Department is committed to providing high-quality professional development opportunities for educators. There are three basic types of training we offer: scheduled workshops, on-demand video trainings, and school or district in-services.

workshops, video training and school inservices

In person trainings hosted throughout the year.
Archive of webinars and presentations.
AZGFD can come to you with training.

scheduled workshops

We host a number of in-person trainings throughout the year. Examples include one hour webinars, Saturday hands-on workshops, a week-long immersion program and presentations at various education conferences.

To see all of our scheduled workshops, and to register, visit our workshop calendar

on-demand video trainings

We recognize that scheduled workshops may not always be convenient for you. As a result, we now offer a video collection of archived webinars and presentations that can be accessed at your leisure. After completing a short assignment, we will email you a certificate for a pre-determined number of continuing education credits. It’s that easy! We have a currently have a variety of topics including bald eagles, migration and scientific notebooking.

Visit the On-Demand Professional Development web page to see the complete listing of available courses and to access their materials.

school or district inservices

We can come to you! Whether it is a college class for preservice teachers or a district wide inservice, our workshops are hands-on and full of resources that teachers can take back to their classroom immediately. Workshops are offered in a variety of formats, can last from 1 to 16 hours, and cover single, multiple, or all grade levels. Popular workshops include:

  • Focus Wild Arizona Overview: Do you want to learn more about our wildlife education program and all of the resources available to teachers? Let us show you with an engaging hands-on experience. Appropriate for all grade levels. Usually 1-8 hours.
  • Outdoor Observations and Inquiry Skills: Have you been looking for ways to incorporate inquiry into your ecology teaching? This workshop will help you explore various techniques to bring these skills into your classroom. Appropriate for upper elementary, middle and high school. Usually 4-16 hours.
  • Building Literacy through Wildlife: Are you looking for ways to integrate language arts into your science instruction? This workshop will provide you with a number of successful strategies and activities that you can implement tomorrow. Appropriate for elementary and middle school. Usually 2-8 hours.
  • Technology for Field Investigations: What types of technology are used by wildlife biologist? This interactive workshop will introduce you to the common tools used to study wildlife populations. Appropriate for all grade levels. Usually 2-8 hours.
  • Using Primary Sources to Understand Wildlife Management: What can primary source documents tell us about our past and how will this help us manage wildlife today? This unique and engaging workshop will help you bring journals, photographs and more documents into your classroom. Usually 2-8 hours.

We can also create completely customized workshops to suit your specific needs. We usually require a minimum of ten teachers, and we can help you get those numbers if necessary.


Eric Proctor or 623-236-7243

Education through AZGFD

See resources for teachers, including lesson plans. Learn about hunter education, and classes to earn bonus points.

teacher resources

The goal of the AZGFD education program is to promote awareness, appreciation and stewardship of the state’s wildlife resources by using wildlife as a context for learning.

see resources

hunter education for bonus points

Classroom and online instruction, and field days for hunter education. Online “Ethically Hunting Arizona” class allows hunters to earn a lifetime bonus point.

register for a class

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