Your Guide to Bowhunter Education

To sucessfully complete Bowhunter Education in Arizona you must complete the online Bowhunter Education course and then attend a field day.

online bowhunter education course

Due to the low demand, we do not schedule many Bowhunter Education field days in advance. We will keep a waiting list with your request and then ensure you are able to complete your Bowhunter Education Certification before it is required.

Typically we will do additional classes late summer, early fall, before the fall hunts begin, or when we have enough students to warrant a class. Classes are usually held during the week in the morning at the Ben Avery Shooting Facility. We offer few classes, and will waive the 90-day completion on your online certificate. You will have one full year to attend a field day. If you have any special requirements, please adivse. For example: the need for a weekend class, or needing certification before a specific date.

For the wait list, send the following information for each student to

Explore bowhunting program

The Explore Bowhunting Program was developed by the Archery Trade Association to get kids and adults engaged in outdoor activities. The program contains 22 activities to teach basic bowhunting skills, photography and wildlife watching. The program can be used in school or after school, Parks and Recreation Departments, outdoor education centers and other community outreach programs.

Apply to hold an Explore Bowhunting Program

Become a certified instructor in the Explore Bowhunting Program

tree stand safety

Tree stand accidents are the number one cause of serious hunting related injuries. Most injured hunters were not wearing a safety harness.

Learn more about tree stand safety: Safe Tree Stand Hunting Strategies, Tree Stand Manufacturer’s Association

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Arizona residents and non-residents 10 years and older need a valid hunting license to hunt in Arizona.

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