Geese Migration

This resource allows students to read a short article about geese that were observed on Mt. Everest. They can then view maps and graphs related to these observations to help generate questions that can lead to more discovery and learning. This resource can be used at the beginning of a unit on migration.

By completing this activity, your students will be able to:

  • Read an article to find relevant information.
  • Analyze a map and a graph related to geese migration over mountains.
  • Ask questions related to bird migration.

More About this Lesson Plan

According to the Arizona Department of Education, phenomena are observable events that can be explained or explored using scientific practices, ideas and concepts. Through science investigations and discussions, students try to explain the phenomena. They are a key part of science instruction in the state.

The Arizona Game and Fish Department has been collecting examples of wildlife-related phenomena that can be used in the classroom. Each phenomenon includes suggested ways to use it as well as potential standards that can be addressed by using it. Links for additional information are provided for teachers wishing to learn even more about each phenomenon.

This specific phenomena can be used as the start of a migration unit. Students could review the article and then ask questions about why these birds migrate, why do they go over the mountains instead of around, how they are able to do it, how does this compare to other migrations, etc. This will allow younger students to explore basic topics of migration but also allow older students to dive into the mechanics and physiology of migration. There are also opportunities to discuss geology and evolution, specifically discussing how the development of the Himalayas over the past millions of years has impacted the development of adaptations necessary for these birds to continue their migrations.


  • Eric Proctor, Wildlife Education Coordinator,
    Arizona Game and Fish Department (AZGFD)

Standards Correlation

This lesson has been correlated to the following Arizona Department of Education academic standards:

  • 3rd Grade

    1. 3.L2U1.6
  • 4th Grade

    1. 4.L4U1.11
  • 5th Grade

    1. 5.L3U1.10
  • 7th Grade

    1. 7.L1U1.11
  • 8th Grade

    1. 8.L4U1.12
  • High School

    1. HS.L4U1.28
    2. HS+B.L4U1.14

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