The Price of Survival

In this lesson, students will identify important animal adaptations, then “purchase” the ones that will help them survive through natural and human-caused changes.

By completing this lesson, your students will be able to answer these essential questions:

  • What factors contribute to the survival of wildlife species?
  • What are some common adaptations found in Arizona
    wildlife species?
  • How does the perceived value of an object affect its
    purchase price?

More About this Workshop

Many animals are successful in their environment because they have adapted over time to survive under those specific conditions. however, changes occur. Forests are clear cut and become grasslands. Wetlands have dried to become deserts. These changes can be costly, if not fatal, to the animals living in these areas. They have to move or quickly adapt to the new environment.

In this lesson, students will identify some important animal adaptations. Then, they will “purchase” adaptations that will help them best survive in an environment and struggle through natural and human-caused changes.

This lesson was designed to accompany the Arizona Game and Fish Department’s Bone Box Resource Trunk. The trunks contain tactile resources including the skulls and pelts of common Arizona mammals. The boxes are free for Arizona educators to check out and use. You should plan to reserve the boxes early, however, because they are popular and may book up.

The downloadable PDF includes all of the worksheets and answer keys necessary to successfully implement the activity in the classroom. In addition, it includes ideas to extend and modify the lesson for different audiences.


  • James T. Kirk, CO,
  • Leonard "Bones" McCoy, CMO,

Standards Correlation

This lesson has been correlated to the following Arizona Department of Education academic standards:

  • 1st Grade

    1. Standard 1
    2. Standard 2
    3. Standard 3
    4. Standard 4
  • 4th Grade
    Social Studies

    1. Standard 1
    2. Standard 2
    3. Standard 3
  • 3rd Grade

    1. Standard 1
    2. Standard 2
  • 2nd Grade
    Social Studies

    1. Standard 2

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