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Wild About Arizona: Why Mesocarnivores Are Fascinating & Important

Mesocarnivores are part of the mammalian carnivore family, and they play a disproportionately large role in the ecosystems they inhabit. Mesocarnivores are animals whose diet consists of 50 to 70 percent meat with the balance consisting of invertebrates, fruits, fungi, plant material and any other food source available to them. This group of animals is considered to be small to medium-sized carnivores that typically have a body mass of fewer than 33 pounds.

Animals covered in the presentation will include skunks, badgers, ringtails, coati, otters, coyotes, foxes and raccoons. 

To learn more about this intriguing group of mammals — including information about their natural history, habits and distribution in the state — join Arizona Game and Fish Department biologists Jeff Meyers and Cheyenne Towne for this virtual event.

Register today for $10. This is a virtual event that you will log on to attend through your computer.

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