Applicable Arizona Revised Statutes – A.R.S. 17-231(A)(1); A.R.S. 17-238; A.R.S. 17-306;
See also Chapter 16, Article 1, 3-2901 et seq. relating to the Department of Agriculture and licensing of Aquaculture. Applicable Arizona Rules – R12-4-410; Aquatic Wildlife Pathogen Certification Stipulations;  R12-4-106; R12-4-404; R12-4-405; R12-4-406; R12-4-409;
See also Department of Agriculture Rules R3-2-1001 through 1010.

Aquatic Stocking License Checklist

  • Aquatic Stocking License Application Process: Complete the application form and secure approval through Regional Offices of the Arizona Game and Fish Department.
  • Application form needed: Form 2710-A
  • Aquatic Stocking License – $100, Aquatic Restocking License – $20, Aquatic Wildlife Stocking or Restocking License issued to a political subdivision for the purpose of vector control – no fee.
  • License valid: The stocking and restocking license is valid for 20 consecutive days, except that an Aquatic Wildlife Stocking or Restocking License issued to a political subdivision for the purpose of vector control is valid for one-year.
  • Additional information needed: A proposal is required if the license is to stock an area where the wildlife has not already been introduced, or where the wildlife is not currently established, or to stock wildlife that conflicts with the Department’s efforts to conserve wildlife.
  • Additional requirements: Must comply with all stipulations.
    •  Live aquatic wildlife shall be acquired from a licensed fish farm operator or private noncommercial fish pond that has been certified free of the diseases and causative agents specified on the license. Native aquatic wildlife species that are not available from commercial or private sources shall be obtained and handled as directed by the Department.
    • Certificate of disease inspection of the source of the live aquatic wildlife and copy of the Aquatic Wildlife Stocking License shall accompany each shipment. Disease free certification inspection must have occurred within the 12 months prior to the shipment, and the Department may require inspection and certification more recent than the 12 months preceding the shipment.
    •  A commercial entity transporting live aquatic wildlife may require a transporter license from the Arizona Department of Agriculture per R3-2-1007.

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