Applicable Arizona Statutes – none
Applicable Arizona Rules – R12-4-217

Champ License Checklist

A Challenged Access/Mobility Permit (CHAMP) authorizes the holder with a severe permanent disability to take wildlife from a motor vehicle if it is off the roadway and the engine is off and a watercraft as long as the watercraft is not underway. A CHAMP permit holder must have a valid hunting license when taking wildlife. It also authorizes the holder to use a motor vehicle in off-road locations to wait for game as long as the locations are not in conflict with other laws. A CHAMP permit does not authorize the use of a vehicle to chase or pursue wildlife.


  • Process: Complete application form
  • Application Form 2739-A
  • Fee: $13 resident/$15 nonresident
  • Permit does not expire unless under R12-2-217.D
  • Additional Information: Permit must be in possession of the holder when hunting.  CHAMP placard must be displayed from vehicle or watercraft while in use to take wildlife.  CHAMP dispatch permit must be used and filled out according to rule.
  • CHAMP Permit application may be processed and the permit issued from the Phoenix Office or any Regional Office.

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