Applicable Arizona Statutes – none.
Applicable Arizona Rules – R12-4-216; R12-4-304; R12-4-318.

Crossbow Permit Checklist

  • Process: Complete application form and submit payment and completed application to any Arizona Game and Fish Department Office.
  • Application: Form 2738-A
  • Fee: Resident – $13, Non-Resident – $15.Permit valid: Does not expire unless the medical certification portion of the application indicates the person has a temporary physical disability; then the crossbow permit shall be valid for a period of one year from the date the medical certification portion of the application was signed by the healthcare provider.
  • Additional Information: The certification portion of the application shall be completed by a healthcare provider. The healthcare provider shall:
  • Certify the applicant has one or more of the following physical limitations:
    •    An amputation involving body extremities required for stable function to use conventional archery equipment;
    •    A spinal cord injury resulting in a disability to the lower extremities, leaving the applicant nonambulatory;
    •    A wheelchair restriction;
    •    A neuromuscular condition that prevents the applicant from drawing and holding a bow;
    •    A failed functional draw test that equals 30 pounds of resistance and involves holding it for four seconds. The functional draw test may not be used to determine eligibility for the permit when it is not associated with a disability.
    •    A failed manual muscle test involving the grading of shoulder and elbow flexion and extension or an impaired range-of-motion test involving the shoulder or elbow; or
    •    A combination of comparable physical disabilities resulting in the applicant’s inability to draw and hold a bow.
  • Indicate whether the disability is temporary or permanent and, when temporary, specify the expected duration of the physical limitation.

A healthcare provider, as defined in R12-4-216, is a person with one of the following Credentials: Medical Doctor, Doctor of Osteopathy, Doctor of Chiropractic, Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant.

Permit must be in possession of the holder when hunting with a crossbow in an archery-only season.

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