Applicable Arizona Statutes – A.R.S. 17-333(C)(3)
Applicable Arizona Rules – R12-4-202

Disabled Veteran and Purple Heart License

The Arizona Game and Fish Department is proud to announce a special benefit for Arizona veterans who have received the Purple Heart medal.

Effective Sept. 24, 2022, a Purple Heart recipient who has been an Arizona resident for at least one full year will be eligible to purchase a state combination hunting and fishing license for a 50 percent discount from the standard price.

How to obtain a Disabled Veteran’s License

Visit your local Arizona Game and Fish Department office. Bring a copy of your VA benefits letter, or you may complete the application form below and include a copy of your VA benefits letter that states 100% disabled, permanent and total, and mail them to: Arizona Game and Fish Department, Attn: Front counter, 5000 W. Carefree Highway, Phoenix, AZ 85086.
*Note: A paper license will be issued free of charge. A plastic card license may be purchased for $4. Include a check or money order if you are applying by mail.

How to obtain a Purple Heart License

The Purple Heart medal is presented to service members who have been wounded or killed as a result of enemy action while serving in the U.S. military. A Purple Heart is a solemn distinction and means a service member has greatly sacrificed themselves, or paid the ultimate price, while in the line of duty.

A Purple Heart recipient will be required to complete an application, and provide proof to the department that the person is a bona fide Purple Heart Medal recipient, and has been a domiciled resident of Arizona for one or more years immediately before applying for the license.

*Note: This benefit is not available for nonresidents.


  • Process: Complete application form.
  • Application: Disabled Veteran’s and Purple Heart recipient application form, Disabled Veteran’s complimentary license application form
  • Fee: None for 100% service connected disability.  $42 for less than 100% service connected disability. $28 for the Purple Heart recipient.
  • License Expiration: 100% service connected disability license, or the Purple Heart recipient, is valid for a lifetime from date of issuance. Less than 100% service connected disability license is valid for a year from date of issuance.
  • Additional Information: If the Department of Veterans Affairs certifies that the applicant’s disability rate of 100% is permanent and will not be reevaluated, a new certification is not required for renewal. If reevaluated in three years, the disabled veteran’s license will expire three years from the date of issuance.
  • License Application may be processed and the license issued from the Phoenix Office or any Regional Office.

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