Applicable Arizona Revised Statutes – A.R.S. 17-101, 17-236, 17-301, 17-303, 17-304, 17-321, 17-371
Applicable Arizona Rules –  R12-4-102, R12-4-104, R12-4-106, R12-4-304, R12-4-318, R12-4-401, R12-4-402, R12-4-403, R12-4-405, R12-4-406, R12-4-407, R12-4-409, R12-4-412, R12-4-422, 428, R12-4-801, R12-4-802, R12-4-803
Falconry Specific Rule:  R12-4-422
Commission Order 25
To review applicable rules, access the AZGFD Laws and Rules Book on our Rulemaking web page.

Sport Falconry License Checklist

Fee: $145

License Valid:  The license is valid until the third December from the date of issuance.

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If you are interested in Sport Falconry or becoming a falconer, visit:

Once you have followed the guidance and completed the necessary steps to become a falconer, you can start your Sport Falconry License Application Form 2722-A

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