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Information on rules, regulations and season dates for hunting mountain lions in Arizona.

Regulations and Harvest Reporting

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Mountain lion harvest reporting

Report your mountain lion harvest online, or call 877-438-0447
Mountain lion season status:
View harvest thresholds and zone closures
Mountain lion management zones map

mountain lion regulations

Non-permit tag required

A nonpermit-tag is required to hunt mountain lion in Arizona, you need a valid hunting license and a mountain lion tag. A mountain lion tag can be obtained from a license dealer.

Bag limit

One mountain lion per calendar year.

Harvest limits

When the number of harvested mountain lions reaches the threshold, that zone closes to the additional harvest of mountain lions at sundown the Wednesday immediately following. Before each hunting trip, verify that the zone is still open. View mountain lion harvest threshold information and zone status or call 877 438-0447.

Mandatory reporting

Report your mountain lion harvest information to the Arizona Game and Fish Department in person or by telephone at 877 438-044 within 48 hours of taking the mountain lion, or report online

Mandatory physical inspection

Present the mountain lion’s skull and hide with attached proof of sex to a designated Arizona Game and Fish Department employee for inspection within 10 days of taking the mountain lion.

Preparing for the physical inspection

-Prop jaw open so that the tooth behind the upper canine can be pulled and aged.

-If the skull is frozen, it should be defrosted prior to presenting for inspection as a premolar tooth will be removed.

-If the hide is frozen, ensure that the attached proof of sex is accessible and identifiable.

-Successful hunters are encouraged to contact the nearest Department office by telephone to coordinate inspections.

Age results

Posted in spring of 2019 (2018 results was the last season that we mailed out postcards).
View age results of harvested mountain lions

Species and gender identification

Mountain Lion Identification and Methods of Determining Sex

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