Do You Want to Transfer Your Tag?

There are circumstances where a big game hunt permit-tag can be transferred. Should you be unable to use your big game tag, the Department is unable to reimburse you for your fees or reinstate your bonus points.

organizations to contact for tag donation or transfer

List of qualifying organizations

List of organizations for use by a military veteran

Tag Donation or Transferring Criteria

Circumstances where a big game hunt permit-tag can be transferred.

Circumstances for donating or transferring a tag

A tag can be transferred from a parent, grandparent or guardian to their minor child or grandchild. A parent, grandparent or legal guardian holding a big game tag may allow the use of that tag by their minor child or minor grandchild pursuant to the following requirements.

1- The minor child is 10 to 17 years old on the date of transfer
2- The minor child has a valid hunting or combination license on the date of transfer
3- A minor child less than 14 years old has satisfactorily completed a Department-approved hunter education course by the beginning date of the hunt
4- A minor child or grandchild receiving an unused tag from a parent, grandparent, or legal guardian shall be accompanied into the field by any grandparent, parent, or legal guardian of the minor child.

**Note: There is a $8 fee for the big game tag transfer to cover the administrative costs for processing the transfer and producing an additional tag. See more info. Once a tag is transferred at a Department office, the original permittee may no longer use it.

Tag donation to a qualifying minor child or grandchild

Donation to a qualifying organization for use by a minor child with a life-threatening medical condition or permanent physical disability.

You may donate your tag to a qualifying nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that provides hunting opportunities to children with life-threatening medical conditions or qualifying permanent physical disabilities. There is no tag transfer fee for making the donation. Contact the organization directly to arrange for a donation.

tag transfer for use by a military veteran with a service related disability

New in 2014 – Donation to a qualifying organization for use by a military veteran with a service-related disability. A tag transfer to a disabled veteran’s 501(c)(3) organization requires a big game tag transfer affidavit of voluntary donation and the tag. Contact the individual 501(c)(3) organization to obtain the transfer affidavit. There is no tag transfer fee for making the donation.

A U.S. veteran of the Armed Forces who has a service-connected disability is defined in law as one who has “a permanent physical impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities, and that requiring the assistance of another person or a mechanical device for physical mobility.”

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