Luna Lake Wildlife Area provides opportunities for the whole family, ranging from watching a resident pair of bald eagles raise their young to trout fishing.

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Luna Lake Wildlife Area provides the only quality resting, feeding, and nesting habitat for migratory and resident waterfowl in the upper San Francisco River Valley. Several thousand waterfowl use it during the early spring as a rest area during their migration north, providing fantastic bird-watching opportunities. In addition to the lake itself, the nearby wetlands and forests provide great opportunities to view wildlife for nature lovers of all ages.



Luna Lake is located three miles east of Alpine on Highway 180.


Common vegetation in the area include ponderosas pines and grasslands dotted with wildflowers.


Common birds in the area include the bald eagle, ring-neck duck, bufflehead, ruddy duck, pied-billed grebe, American coot, Canada goose, northern shoveler, redhead, great blue heron, great horned owl, snow goose, American kestrel, American wigeon, mallard, eared grebe, northern pintail, osprey, and many others.


Common mammals in the area include elk, mule deer, long-tailed weasels and silver-haired bats.


Common fish include great rainbow, cutthroat and brook trout.


Luna Lake Wildlife Area is cooperatively managed by AZGFD and the USDA-USFS.

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