The diverse habitats of Mittry Lake provide abundant opportunities for fishing, wildlife viewing, hiking, boating, and hunting.

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Recreational Opportunities at Mittry Lake are enhanced by the desert-scrub and riparian woodland habitats, which are home to diverse desert wildlife. Neotropical birds find the area attractive. The area is also very popular for nature study and bird-watching. There is a three-lane boat launch ramp for motorized boating on the lake. Numerous waterways connect to the main lake body and make exploring by boat a pleasant experience.



To reach Mittry Lake Wildlife Area from Yuma, take Highway 95 north to East Imperial Dam Road, then turn left (west) toward the lake, following wildlife area signs.


A wide variety of vegetative communities can be found at Mittry Lake Wildlife Area ranging from invasive tamarisk to reeds and palms.


Common birds in the area include the black-crowned night-heron, green heron, great blue heron, great egret, snowy egret, osprey, western grebe, Clark’s grebe, double-crested cormorant, loggerhead shrike, Abert’s towhee, and red-winged blackbird, burrowing owls, Virginia rail, sora, least bittern, American bittern, lesser nighthawk, Bell’s vireo, common yellowthroat, yellow warbler, and blue grosbeak, southwestern willow flycatchers, Vaux’s swift, tree swallow, violet-green swallow, bank swallow, American pipit, Nashville warbler, Macgillivray’s warbler, Townsend’s warbler, hermit warbler, Wilson’s warbler, and many others.


Common mammals in the area include mule deer, javelina, bobcats, and desert bighorn sheep.


Mittry Lake Wildlife Area is managed by AZGFD in cooperation with other governmental and NGO entities.

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