Page Springs Hatchery is the largest state-run hatchery producing approximately 750,000 fish per year to stock Arizona’s lakes, ponds and streams.

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Page Springs Hatchery comprises two separate parcels: Page Springs Hatchery and Bubbling Ponds Hatchery, totaling approximately 273 acres. Page Springs is named after the original landowner, James Page, and for the multiple springs that make up the hatchery’s water source. These springs produce approximately 8.5-11 million gallons of water per day at a constant 68 degrees Fahrenheit. This warmer temperature allows for faster growth of fingerlings but is not conducive to hatching trout eggs.



Page Springs Hatchery is located on beautiful Oak Creek approximately 10 miles south of Sedona and 10 miles north of Cottonwood off Highway 89A on Page Springs Road.


Common vegetation in the area includes cottonwood, willow and other riparian vegetation along Oak Creek, plus cattail and other marsh vegetation in the fallow ponds.


Common birds in the area include the American widgeon, mallard, ring-necked duck, pie-billed grebe, great blue heron, common black hawk, belted kingfisher, ladder-backed woodpecker, northern flicker, black phoebe, bridled titmouse, ruby-crowned kinglet, Bewick’s wren, Savannah Sparrowabert’s towhee, wood duck, and many other species.


Common mammals in the area include raccoons, mule and whitetail deer, bobcats, mountain lions, coyotes, black bears, javelina, and multiple skunk species.


In 1938, AZGFD secured the land lease for Page Springs Hatchery and eventually purchased the property in 1949.

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