The Yuma East Wetlands is located within the Yuma Crossing National Heritage Area, rich with cottonwood/willows, and mesquite habitat.

  • Wildlife Viewing

Located in western Arizona, you will find this wildlife area is great for outdoor recreational opportunities ranging from wildlife viewing, angling, and hiking. There is a 2.5-mile walking trail that takes visitors through areas of restored cottonwood, willow and mesquite habitat and along the Colorado River and restored back channel.



Gateway Park at 1st Street in downtown Yuma. A walking trail begins at the eastern edge of Gateway Park, at Gila Street and 1st Street in downtown Yuma.


Common vegetation in the area includes cottonwood, willow, and other native riparian vegetation alongside backwater and marsh habitat.


Common birds in the area include brown pelicans, white-faced ibis, great egrets, least bitterns, snowy egrets, killdeer, Yuma clapper rails, black-necked stilts, greater yellowleg, Anna’s hummingbird, green heron, Gila woodpecker, ladder-backed woodpecker, western wood-pewee, Pacific-slope flycatcher, vermillion flycatcher, verdin, black-tailed gnatcatcher, northern mockingbird, Swainson’s thrush, white-crowned sparrow, brown-headed cowbird, orange-crowned warbler, Nashville warbler, yellow-rumped warbler, Townsend’s warbler, and black-headed grosbeak.


Common mammals in the area include American beavers, bobcats, Botta’s pocket gophers, cactus mouse, desert cottontails, round-tailed ground squirrels, and gray foxes.


AZGFD entered into a cooperative agreement with the Yuma Crossing National Heritage Area (Yuma Crossing) to operate and maintain the property for wetlands and riparian restoration in accordance with the Yuma East Wetlands Restoration Plan. Yuma Crossing will restore the property.

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