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  1. Mexican Wolf Management

    …Where to Recover Mexican Wolves Demographic Aspect of Mexican Wolf Recovery Genetic Challenges of Mexican Wolf Recovery Mexican Wolf Recovery Aided by Conflict Avoidance See on-the-ground conversation work on the Arizona…

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  2. Learn more about Mexican wolf recovery

    …most important aspects of Mexican wolf recovery. AZGFD and its conservation partners are injecting new genetics into the wild wolf population through fostering (taking wolf pups from captivity and placing…

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  3. Mexican wolf numbers soar past 200

    …Species Survival Plan. For more information on the Mexican Wolf Recovery Program, visit the Mexican wolf website ( or visit the Arizona Game and Fish Department website on wolves (….

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  4. Mexican wolf numbers up for 8th straight year

    …“In the aggregate, the 2023 data points out that Mexican wolf recovery has come a long way since the first release,” said Jim deVos, the Mexican wolf coordinator for the…

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  5. Mexican wolf pup fostering continues success

    NEWS RELEASE May 26, 2023 Sixteen pups fostered into the wild from captivity in 2023, bringing the total number of fostered Mexican wolf pups to 99 Partners in Mexican wolf

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  6. Mexican Wolf

    …breeding, which normally occurs in February. If a breeding wolf, also known as an alpha wolf, dies or is removed from the pack, another wolf from within or outside of…


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