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  1. Black-tailed Prairie Dog

    Black-tailed prairie dogs are diurnal rodents that are approximately 14 inches long. They are highly social animals that live in family groups called coteries.

  2. Mexican Wolf

    Wolves are primarily monogamous, even though a pack can include more than one sexually mature female. Behavioral and physiological adaptations usually prevent more than one female per pack from breeding.

  3. California Condor

    California condors, are the largest flying land bird in North America. Condors have a wingspan of 9 ½ feet, and can weigh up to 25 pounds as adults.

  4. A black-footed ferret

    Black-Footed Ferret

    Once thought to be extinct, the black-footed ferret was reintroduced in Arizona in 1996. See how we monitor them in the wild.

  5. Gila Trout

    The Gila trout is one of Arizona’s two threatened native trout species and is also found in New Mexico. Dorsal, anal, and pelvic fins have a white to yellowish tip that may extend along the leading edge of the pelvic fins.


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