Huachuca Woodlandsnail

The Huachuca woodlandsnail has a button-sized shell with a reddish-brown color and black to dark gray body. Unique apertural teeth within the shell opening are observed on live or dead specimens, possibly as a defense against predation.

  • Common Name:

    Huachuca Woodlandsnail

  • Scientific Name:

    Ashmunella levettei

  • Conservation Status:

    Not Evaluated

  • Size:

    Up to half an inch

  • Where to See:

    Arizona and New Mexico, associated with Madrean pine-oak woodlands in the Huachuca Mountains.


The Huachuca woodlandsnail, like other native land snails, spends much of its life in a resting state known as “estivation” and becomes active after prolonged rain in cool, damp conditions. Limited information is available about their life history, reproduction, and food preferences. They mature within a year, are hermaphroditic, and feed on decaying plant matter, mosses, lichen, pollen, and young plants.


The Huachuca woodlandsnail was first described by Dr. H.A. Pilsbry from specimens collected in Garden, Brown, Ramsey, Carr, Miller, Ash, Cave, Ida and Bear canyons of the Huachuca Mountains. Recent surveys by Arizona Game and Fish Department biologists have found the woodlandsnail in 16 canyons and drainages (including those listed above) throughout the entire Huachuca Mountain range, typically at elevations above 6,000 feet.

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