Verde Rim Spring Snail

Springsnails inhabit spring-fed wetlands and streams, often near springheads, favoring clean, clear, and unpolluted water. They are habitat specialists, not widely distributed, and seek shelter on rocks and submerged debris.

  • Common Name:

    Verde Rim Spring Snail

  • Scientific Name:

    Pyrgulopsis glandulosa

  • Conservation Status:

    Not Evaluated

  • Size:

    Up to an eighth of an inch in length

  • Where to See:

    Old homestead site Nelson Place Spring, Sycamore Creek in Prescott National Forest, Grapevine Springs area of Bradshaw Mountains, Hutch Springs along Verde Rim


Springsnails feed on young watercress, water pennywort, and the thin biofilm of algae and diatoms that cover leaf litter and rocks. Unlike most terrestrial snails, springsnails have separate sexes, with the females often larger than the males. Springsnails live for about a year and deposit eggs on rocky or woody substrates.

Where They Are Found

The Verde Rim springsnail was first found at an old homestead site called Nelson Place Spring, along Sycamore Creek in the Prescott National Forest. Over the past decade, several populations of this species were discovered 30 miles west in the Grapevine Springs area of the Bradshaw Mountains, and another population at Hutch Springs, also along the Verde Rim, about eight miles south of Nelson Place Spring.

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