Arizona Game & Fish Department’s Research Mission

To conduct robust research and provide scientific information to inform and support the sound management and professional stewardship of Arizona’s fish and wildlife resources, and to ensure the credibility of the Department’s science.

Research goals

Address the Department’s programmatic management information needs.

Information Transfer: Provide research findings, scientific expertise, guidance, and training to inform management decisions and activities, sustain a skilled Department workforce, and maintain the Department’s role as a leader in wildlife management.

Capacity and Partnership Building: Build and maintain research partnerships, outside funding, and a high level of expertise within the Branch to maximize Research Branch productivity and quality.

Our main office is located in Phoenix; however, projects are conducted throughout Arizona. Research is conducted in aquatic and terrestrial areas, and provides biometrics support to the Department, based on management information needs identified within the Department. Research projects address a wide range of topics and are targeted to provide information to inform management decisions. This information often includes aspects of population dynamics, habitat relations, predator-prey interactions, population monitoring techniques, and the effect of management or development actions.

In addition to management-oriented research, innovative techniques are used to assist in managing and monitoring wildlife populations, and provides training and scientific expertise to Department personnel. Funding comes from a variety of sources, including Federal funding through the Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration Act and the Federal Aid in Sport Fish Restoration Act, as well as various contracts, grants, and cooperative agreements with other state, federal, or private organizations.


Publications since 2010
Research Annual Report

Contact information

Esther Rubin
Research Branch Chief –

Cherel McCracken
Research Programs & Project Specialist –

Andrew Jones
Research Terrestrial Program Manager –

Ryan Mann
Research Aquatic Program Manager –

Matthew Clement
Biometrician –

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