The Program Provides Opportunities for Collaboration

The Heritage Partnership Program is designed to provide opportunities to collaborate with eligible entities to fund projects that provide conservation and recreational benefits.  Eligible entities include governmental agencies, Indian tribes, and non-governmental organizations (must meet the IRS definition of a 501c3). Concept proposals may be submitted at any time throughout the year and all funds are awarded externally. All projects must provide a conservation benefit and be eligible for Heritage funding, 17-296 – Definitions.

Projects must be completed within one year, following the state fiscal year July 1 – June 30 of the following year. Projects spanning up to two years may be considered based on biological windows and the scope of work. Project funding is provided on a reimbursement basis.

Bald eagle
Mexican wolf
California condor

funding categories

Each year the Arizona Game and Fish Commission approves a set amount of funding per category.  Funding amounts provided may not exceed the amount approved by the Commission.

Identification, Inventory, Acquisition, Protection and Management of Sensitive Habitat (IIAPM) – IIAPM is for projects that preserve and enhance Arizona’s natural biological diversity is budgeted $200,000 per fiscal year.

Public Access – Public Access is for projects that increase or maintain public access for recreational use and is budgeted $50,000 per fiscal year.

Urban Wildlife and Urban Wildlife Habitat (URBAN) – Urban is for projects that conserve, enhance and establish wildlife habitats and populations in harmony with urban environments and is budgeted $130,000 per fiscal year.

Current funding available – Nov. 14, 2022

IIAPM – No remaining funds
Public Access – $47,500
Urban – $67,956

previously funded proposals

Agua Fria/Lake Pleasant Access Improvements (2022) – Addition of an entry station to the boat launch located on the Lake Pleasant Agua Fria arm north of the eagle closure.

Fall Raptor Migration Trapping Station (2022) – Trapping and transmitting of migrating raptor species to gain biological information on how wind energy facilities can affect raptor populations through loss or modification of habitat.

City of Willcox Wildlife Viewing Enhancement Platform (2022) – Improve wildlife watching opportunities of sandhill crane at Cochise Lake.

submission of concept proposals

Concept Proposals are accepted at any time by completing a Heritage Partnership Program Application, however, projects are subject to funding availability.
Heritage Partnership Program Concept Proposal Form


LouAnn DeHart, Heritage Fund and Grants Coordinator
623 236-7530

annual reports to the arizona legislature

2022 Report to the Arizona Legislature
2021 Report to the Arizona Legislature
2020 Report to the Arizona Legislature
2019 Report to the Arizona Legislature
2018 Report to the Arizona Legislature
2017 Report to the Arizona Legislature

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