Landowner Compact Ranch

Welcome to the Bar T Bar Ranch! To help us care for this wonderful area, we ask you to follow the ranch rules listed below. The Bar T Bar and its neighboring ranch, the Flying M, work with the non-profit Diablo Trust to help them manage the diverse resources and valuable landscapes of their combined 426,000 acres of state, federal, and private land. If you would like to learn more about the Bar T Bar Ranch and the Diablo Trust, or you would like to leave us a comment about your visit to the ranch, visit our web page at and

Respected access is open access.

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Bar T Bar Ranch Access Pass

Bar T Bar Ranch has agreed to allow recreational access on its ranch under certain conditions.

The Landowner Compact agreement with the Bar T Bar Ranch will go into effect May 1st, 2017. As always, be respectful of these rules and private property.

ranch Rules

All persons must follow all Ranch Rules as well as all applicable State Laws and Regulations.  These rules apply to hunting and recreation on all private lands and State Trust Lands on the Bar T Bar Ranch.  Violation of Ranch Rules or applicable State Laws or Regulation may result in immediate cancellation of the Ranch Access Pass, expulsion from the Ranch, and loss of privilege to hunt or recreate on this and all other Ranches enrolled in the Arizona Game and Fish Department’s Landowner Compact Program.

Recreational Users must have in their possession a valid Ranch Access Pass and copy of, or ability to demonstrate knowledge of, Ranch Rules.  In addition Recreational Users are required to have in their possession either a valid hunting license (and be scouting for or in pursuit of legal game) or a valid State Land Department Recreation Permit when recreating on State Trust Lands.  Bar T Bar Ranch Access Passes may be obtained from the Meteor Crater RV park gas station/convenience market or on-line at this site.

Only non-vehicular access for the purpose of hunting is allowed in the Meteor Crater Closure Area.  The following state and private sections comprise the Meteor Crater Closure Area:  within T19N R12E – sections 1, 2, 13, 23, 24, 25, 26, 35, and 36; within T19N R 12.5E – sections 2, 3, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 34, 35, and 36; within T19N R13E – sections 30 and 31; within T18N R13E – section 6.

Except where otherwise prohibited, off-road vehicle travel to retrieve big game is allowed except during periods when off-road travel will cause damage by rutting or compacting the soil. During these periods off road vehicle travel will be restricted to quad, or side-by-side all-terrain vehicles. Although notification of off-road vehicle travel restrictions will be posted at Bar T Bar Ranch entry points, it is the responsibility of visitors to the Bar T Bar Ranch to ensure their off-road vehicle travel does not cause resource damage.

Camping on private lands is allowed only at Perkins Camp (sec 34 T17N R12E), Rock House (sec 21 T18N R 13E), and Muleshoe (sec 19 T18N R13E). Camping on private land is limited to 14 consecutive days. Camping on State Trust Lands is allowed in accordance with applicable State Trust Land rules and/or regulations.

Littering is prohibited and trash removal is the responsibility of the Recreational User.

De-facing or vandalism of private or public property or facilities is prohibited.

Spot-lighting from a vehicle is not allowed.

The use of cameras to locate game is not allowed.

Bar T Bar Ranch reserves the right to limit access in adverse weather or conditions to prevent resource damage.

Except where there is a green Arizona Game & Fish Department gate tag specifying the gate to be left open all gates are to be closed.

Chasing or otherwise harassing livestock or wildlife, on or off-road, is prohibited.

Cutting or collecting firewood is limited to dead and down material and only for on-ranch use while camped on the Bar T Bar Ranch.

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