Landowner Compact Dairy Rules

Coronado Dairy and Farms partnered with the Arizona Game and Fish Department. This partnership ensures hunting access opportunities are managed in a safe and reliable way for all of Arizona’s sportsmen and women.

While hunting is encouraged on the farms, this is a large operation with many activities taking place on a daily basis. In an effort to ensure hunting is safe and compatible with their operations, hunting is only allowed during certain seasons and in designated areas. 

Respected access is open access.

Coronado Dairy and Farm access pass

Hunting is allowed during the following seasons: dove, quail, and crane. Deer Hunting is unavailable.

The farm also participates in the Outdoor Experience for All (OE4A) program. This organization offers outdoor experiences to youths diagnosed with life-threatening illnesses. Learn more about this program

Coronado Dairy and Farm is not receiving any funds from the Arizona Game and Fish Department in return for hunting access. This form is not an Arizona Game and Fish Department requirement.

Be advised that the landowner requires certain personal information as a condition to access the properties, and the Arizona Game and Fish Department will be providing the landowners the required personal information.

Complete the following steps in exchange for access

Read and sign the release form

Email completed form to

Read and print a copy of the farm rules [pdf] and keep on person.

Check in online using the form below.

ranch rules

All persons must follow farm rules and state laws and regulations. Any person who violates farm rules or state law or regulation may be subject to trespass charges and immediate cancellation of their access pass or privilege. These violations can result in permanent ineligibility to obtain access privileges on all Landowner Compact areas enrolled in the Arizona Game and Fish Department Landowner Compact. These rules apply to all private lands, and public or state lands accessed by crossing private lands in the Landowner Compact area. Future access for hunting depends on compliance.

Respect Natural Resources.
Leave the land better than when you found it. Pick up your trash and any other garbage you may encounter. This also includes properly disposing of game hides and entrails.
Stay at least 1/4 mile away from all structures and livestock.
Know your capabilities and limitations as marksmen, and stay within your effective range.
To maintain hunting access: Please avoid all muddy roads and areas. Keep vehicles out of the fields and drive respectfully.
Treat both game and non-game wildlife ethically.

Abide by game laws and regulations. Contact AZGFD with any questions relating to game laws.
Cooperate with wildlife managers.
Report game violations and respect other hunters.
Follow safe firearm handling practices, and insist your companies to do the same.
Refrain from interfering with another person’s hunt.

Alcohol consumption is not allowed while hunting on Coronado Farms.
Know your target and what is beyond. Be mindful of irrigation equipment, and respect landowners.
Human life is priority #1! Yield to all farm workers.
Yield to all active farm operations including aerial spraying. Be on the lookout for active aircraft treating the fields. Hunters must leave the fields to allow for treatments.
Hunt and stay in areas to which you were directed.
Leave all gates the way you found them.

Coronado Farms is unable to grant permission to lands they do not own or manage.


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Farm Rules Violation

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