Landowner Compact Ranch Rules

Elkhorn Ranch has agreed to allow recreational access to it’s ranches, under certain conditions.

Respected access is open access.

Elkhorn Ranch access pass

ranch rules

All Recreational Users must obey all state and federal laws while recreating on the ranch.  

All Recreational Users must sign in at a designated access point and display an access pass available at the sign in point.  

If an individual loses access privileges on a ranch within the Department’s Landowner Compact, that individual is not allowed access to Elkhorn Ranch property.  

No vehicular access past designated hunter parking spot. Foot access only.  

No camping between the mesquite corrals and the Elkhorn Ranch buildings, including designated hunter parking area.  

No discharging of weapons near ranch corrals or buildings.  

No wood cutting allowed.  

No watering of livestock in ranch tanks or troughs.  

All persons must follow Ranch Rules and state laws and regulations. Any person who violates Ranch Rules or state law or regulation may be subject to trespass charges and immediate cancellation of their access pass or privilege. These violations can result in permanent ineligibility to obtain access privileges on all Landowner Compact Areas enrolled in the Arizona Game and Fish Department Landowner Compact. These rules apply to all private lands, and public or state lands accessed by crossing private lands in the Landowner Compact Area. Future access for hunting depends on compliance with these Ranch Rules and state laws and regulations.

ranch rules violation penalty schedule

First offense – 7-year loss of access privileges to all Landowner Compact Ranches and Farms.
Second offense – Lifetime loss of access privileges to all Landowner Compact Ranches and Farms.
First offense with criminal violation, other than trespass, will result in a lifetime loss of access.

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