Landowner Compact Ranch Rules

Fort Rock Ranch has agreed to allow recreational access to its ranches under limited conditions.
Ranch access passes are available through the Fort Rock Ranch Manager on a first come first serve basis. Email Fort Rock Ranch directly at

Respected access is open access.

Fort Rock Ranch access pass

ranch rules

1. All persons must follow all Ranch Rules as well as all applicable State Laws and Regulations. These rules apply to hunting and recreation on all private lands and State Trust Lands on the Fort Rock Ranch. Violation of Ranch Rules or applicable State Laws or Regulations may result in immediate cancellation of the Ranch Access Pass, expulsion from the ranch, and loss of privilege to hunt or recreate on this and all other ranches enrolled in the Arizona Game and Fish Department’s Landowner Compact program.

2. Recreational Users must have in their possession a valid Ranch Access Pass and a copy of the Ranch Rules. In addition, Recreational Users are required to have in their possession either a valid hunting license (and be scouting for or in pursuit of legal game) or a valid State Land Department Recreation Permit when recreating on State Trust Lands. Ranch Access Passes are available through the Fort Rock Ranch Manager at Recreational Users must also complete the information at the physical sign-in boxes. Sign-in boxes are located at the two (2) entry points into the ranch (Exhibit A). Arizona State Trust Land Recreational Use Permits may be obtained at:

3. Camping on the Fort Rock Ranch is allowed only in designated areas.

4. Off road vehicle travel (including ATVs and UTVs) is prohibited on the Fort Rock Ranch. This includes game retrieval.

5. Spotlighting is prohibited on the Fort Rock Ranch.

6. All Recreational Users must have a valid Ranch Access Pass provided by the ranch manager and a copy of the Ranch Rules in their possession while on the Fort Rock Ranch.

7. Each hunter may have a maximum of 3 people accompany them on the Fort Rock Ranch.

8. Access dates, camping and hunting locations will be coordinated with the Ranch Manager.

9. The Ranch Manager may trespass anyone that has been given access to the Fort Rock Ranch at any time.

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