Learn About On-the-Ground Conservation Actions

In 2022, the Arizona Game and Fish Department and Arizona’s wildlife conservation organizations put a combined total of $13.1 million on the ground for terrestrial and aquatic wildlife conservation. What’s equally impressive, is the almost 200 partners that had a hand in almost 900 distinct efforts. This does not include efforts from any land management agencies or other conservation groups that were unable to report. The table below summarizes the contributions.

Arizona Game and Fish Department Funding

2022 on the ground expenditures Matched or leveraged funding Activity Project description # of activities # of partners
$4,607,813 $2,053,122 Wildlife habitat enhancement 27 water developments and 13 habitat enhancement projects (grassland restoration) 50 50
$1,596,000 Operation & maintenance of hatcheries Operation and maintenance of hatcheries enabled 683 stockings of sport fish at 100 locations 683 25
$1,430,000 $150,000 Fish stocking Stocking fish at 51 locations in the Community Fishing Program 51 51
$200,000 Aquatic habitat enhancement Installed fish habitat structures in 17 reservoirs 17 20
$575,500 $207,000 Access Public recreational access, habitat improvement, landowner respect, and adopt-a-ranch 56 45
$53,555 $53,555 Habitat enhancement/Forest health Thinned 52 acres of ponderosa pine habitat on 2 department properties 2 2
$75,000 Fish Stocking Five Colorado River Rainbow Trout Stockings 5 1
$20,000 Grassland Restoration Hand removal of small junipers on 100 acres at Raymond Wildlife Area 1 1
$75,000 Big Game Translocation Bighorn sheep, pronghorn, and turkey 6 Many
$525,000 Big Game Population Surveys Annual surveys of big game species
$28,880 Angler Access Installed access to Agua Fria arm of Lake Pleasant 1 1
$3,000 Sportsmen Information Kiosk at Lake Cochise for Sandhill Cranes 1 1
$1,095,814 $648,926 Wildlife Water Developments 22 Water catchments Redeveloped many catchments maintained 22+ Many
$10,232,007 $2,463,677 873 197

Arizona Wildlife Conservation Organization Funding

2022 on the ground expenditures Matched or leveraged funding Activity Project description # of activities # of partners
$169,000.00 Arizona Deer Association
$8,855.67 Valley of the Sun PFQF
$85,123.41 Arizona Sportsmen for Wildlife Conservation
$40,000.00 Southern AZ Quail Forever
$85,000.00 Antelope Federation
$73,573.46 Arizona Desert Bighorn Sheep Society
$461,552.54 Grand Total WCO Contributions

Combined on the Ground Conservation Efforts Totaled $13.1 Million

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