Make a Mark for Arizona’s Wildlife

The Arizona Wildlife Fund is a voluntary program that allows Arizona taxpayers to help conserve the state’s wildlife simply by marking the “Arizona Wildlife” box on the annual state tax return.

Taxpayers can help conserve

  • Arizona taxpayers have donated more than $5 million to the conservation of nongame animals. 
  • Over the years, the average donation has been about $20. 
  • If you are interested in helping wildlife conservation, inform your tax preparer that you want to Make a Mark for Wildlife. Remember: every dollar counts!

Things to Know About Tax Check Off

Where does my money go?

Money goes to benefit hundreds of nongame species of animals (nongame species are those that are neither hunted nor fished in a traditional sense). 

What animals are being aided by these funds?

Since the program’s inception, contributions to the fund have aided the conservation and reintroduction of species such as bald eagles, black-footed ferrets, California condors, Apache trout, Mexican wolves, and several of the state’s most intriguing desert reptiles and amphibians.

How long has the program been around?

The Arizona Wildlife Fund box first appeared on the state income tax form in 1982.

How many states offer something like this?

Arizona is one of 41 states that allows taxpayers to make a voluntary, tax deductible contribution to worthwhile causes.

What is the impact of the program?

The cumulative effect of taxpayer donations allows the Arizona Game and Fish Department to provide vital support to help protect one of Arizona’s greatest natural treasures – its diverse wildlife – and to ensure that the public has opportunities to view and enjoy these species. The tax check-off is a means for both hunters and non-hunters to contribute towards wildlife management in Arizona.

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