Lake Pleasant Bald Eagle Live Camera

This live-streaming camera lets viewers watch nesting Arizona bald eagles incubate eggs and rear their young in real time. An intimate view into the lives of wildlife is a rare privilege, and we hope you enjoy and learn from the experience.

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SPECIES: Bald eagles (Haliaeetus leucocephalus)

SEASON: November – May

ACTIVE TIMES: Mid-morning to early afternoon

REGION: Central Arizona

what to expect on the cam

This stream shows an unedited glimpse of nature in all its beauty and occasional harsh reality. Viewers may witness a variety of behaviors that seem cruel, such as feeding on other animals. Viewer discretion is advised.

Aggressive interactions between growing siblings can result in injury or death within the nest. AZGFD likely will not intervene if/when problems arise and may choose to temporarily interrupt the stream, if needed.

about the lake pleasant eagles

A suspected bald eagle nest was first documented at Lake Pleasant in 1979, which was followed with the first nesting attempt in 1984. Unfortunately, the eagle pair was unsuccessful in producing young until 1993 when the New Waddell Dam was constructed. Since then, as of the 2021 breeding season, 28 young have survived to take their first flight, known as fledging.

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how the cam is funded

Our bald eagle live-streaming camera is funded through Heritage and Pittman Robertson funds, the Southwestern Bald Eagle Management Committee and public donations.

The stream was made possible through permitting and coordination with the Arizona State Land Department, Maricopa County Parks and Recreation and the Salt River Project.

If you enjoy this stream, help support it and other wildlife viewing program activities by making a donation.

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