Bat Netting: Experience them up Close

Arizona is home to 28 species of bats, many of which live and forage right in our own backyards. Here’s your chance to see these fascinating creatures up close and learn about their important roles in the ecosystems in which they live.

Event overview

WHEN: May – September
WHERE: Needle Rock Recreation Area, Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center, Boyce Thompson Arboretum
DURATION: 3 hours starting at dusk
WHO CAN ATTEND: Ages 10 and up 
WHY ATTEND: Learn and experience bats in Arizona
WHAT TO EXPECT: See bats up close!

about the event

This is an exciting opportunity to meet these misunderstood creatures in person. A presentation on bat biology and ecology will be given while we wait for bats to arrive. Biologists will retrieve them from nets, bring them back to record data and show them to attendees up close for viewing and photographs before being released. The $25 registration fee is used to fund wildlife viewing enhancements and opportunities statewide.

Participants register and pay online for the tour.

about the species

Bats are the only true flying mammals and are primary predators of insect pests, saving taxpayers billions of dollars annually while helping to control insect-spread human diseases. Although bats play key roles in our ecosystem, they are declining rapidly worldwide.

As part of our mission to conserve and protect Arizona’s wildlife, AZGFD is committed to the survival of these incredible animals.


We look forward to seeing you at our next bat netting event! Events can fill up fast so register to secure your spot at an upcoming event today. Already registered? Looking for ways to engage with wildlife in the meantime? Check out our live wildlife viewing cams. These cameras are streaming 24 hours a day to allow for an intimate glimpse of the daily lives of these fascinating animals. Wherever you are, get connected.

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