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Whether you’re craving a day at the lake or an off road adventure, we’ve got the information you need on boat and OHV registration and rules. Your outdoor adventure starts here.

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watercraft registration, fees and forms

Our online registration system allows you to renew your registration and have immediate use of your watercraft.

See also general watercraft registration information, and required forms.

registration frequently asked questions

Registration for watercraft is for a motorized boat, without the registration, it cannot legally be put on the water.

boater’s guide

Information for before going out on the water, while on the water and required equipment.

The Boater’s Guide of Arizona: A Handbook of Boating Laws and Responsibilities

watercraft rules and regulations

The owner of each motorized watercraft requiring numbering by Arizona must file an application for a registration number with the department, or its agent, on forms approved by the department.

Recreation in Arizona

License your off-highway vehicle for going out on trails. Check out the lakes in Arizona and what they have to offer.

buy your OHV decal

OHVs are required by law to display a valid Arizona decal to operate on public and state trust lands in Arizona.

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spend some time boating on arizona lakes

See information about many Arizona lakes, including fishing, facilities and lake amenities.

lake locations

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