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  1. Brown Trout

    Exotic from Europe. Introduced in Arizona in 1931. Olive-brown with yellowish brown sides. Some orange or red spots on the sides, black spots often encircled with light yellow or white, dark spots on back and sides.

  2. Brook Trout

    Introduced to Arizona in 1903. Brook trout are actually chars, related more closely to fishes that live in colder areas of the Northern Hemisphere than to true trout.

  3. Black Crappie

    Introduced to Arizona in 1905. Head and back heavily and irregularly spotted with black blotches on a silver-olive background; tail, dorsal and anal fins are spotted.

  4. Arctic Grayling

    The Arctic grayling is native to Siberia and North America as far south as Montana, introduced into Arizona in 1940.

  5. Apache Trout

    The Apache is one of Arizona’s two native trout species and is the Arizona state fish. Body color is yellowish-gold at the top of the head and the back is a dark olive.

  6. Blue Gill

    Native to the Great Lakes and the Mississippi River Basin. Introduced to Arizona in 1932.


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