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  1. Cottontail Rabbit

    Three species of cottontail occur in Arizona: the mountain cottontail, eastern cottontail, and desert cottontail.

  2. Dusky Grouse

    Dusky grouse are named after the bluish-gray appearance of the male.

  3. Band-tailed Pigeon

    As migratory birds, band-tailed pigeons are only present in Arizona from late March through mid-October.

  4. White-tailed Deer

    The Coues white-tailed deer is perhaps Arizona’s finest game animal. Wary, and expert at using cover, whitetails rarely offer the hunter a standing shot once jumped.

  5. Mule Deer

    The mule deer gets its name from its large ears. Coat color is reddish-brown in summer, turning to a blue-gray in winter.

  6. Mountain Lion

    The mountain lion occurs throughout the western hemisphere and has one of the most extensive ranges of any land mammal.


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